*Alma FFA is excited to bring you a May Beef and June Dairy Month Sale.  Please click on the following link to place your order:  Please return your order by May 8th at 8 PM.  Also is an attached PDF with all our information.

*Parents & Students ~ Updated COVID-19 Schedule 

1. Friday, May 1st - Quarter 4 Midterm 

2. Friday, May 8th - Final Day for SENIORS: 

a. Any Seniors that have coursework that needs to be completed, will be required to continue E-Learning in those courses until ALL graduation requirements have been fulfilled 

3. Thursday, May 21st - Last Day for NEW E-Learning Instruction 

4. Friday, May 22nd - Final Alma Pride Challenge Day 

5. Tuesday, May 26th - Thursday May 28th: 

a. Students that have completed all of their required coursework through May 22nd will have NO E-Learning work. These students have met or exceeded expectations and are done.

b. Students that have missing work and have not yet met expectations or have only partially met expectations, will be contacted by their teacher and use this time to complete the necessary requirements. 

i. Individualized student instruction & remediation will be provided to these students by their teachers. Once these students have met the designated requirements, they will be done as well. 

c. Thursday, May 28th @ Noon 

i. This is the deadline for students to submit late work. 

d. 4th Quarter & Semester 2 Grades 

i. Grades will be finalized and submitted to the office at the end of the day on Thursday, May 28th 

ii. Report Cards will be sent out on Friday, May 29th 

6. Friday, July 10th - GRADUATION: 

a. This date is obviously tentative based on our current status 

b. We are also looking at this being an outdoor celebration weather permitting 

c. More details will follow 

7. Wednesday, July 29th - Alma and Pepin PROM: 

a. This date is obviously tentative based on our current status 

b. This will be a combined event with Prom and Grand Marches for both schools being held at the Villa in Pepin and Post Prom activities held at the Alma School 

c. More details will follow 

8. Senior Awards Night: 

a. Both virtual options and combining with our Graduation ceremony are still being explored 

9. Summer School - 3 Weeks/4 Weeks: 

a. Week of July 20th - Driver’s Education class and students only 

b. Week of July 27th - Summer School Week 1

 c. Week of Aug. 3rd - Summer School Week 2 

d. Week of Aug. 10th - Summer School Week 3 10.First Day of the 2020-2021 School Year will remain as scheduled: a. Monday, August 31st


*ALMA PRIDE FRIDAYS:  Students – For the next three Friday’s (April 3rd, April 17th and April 24th) your E-Learning assignment is an Alma Pride Challenge.  That’s right kiddos – No other subject areas and no other assignments. All you have to do is collect 3 Alma Pride Points.  How do you earn 3 virtual Pride Points you ask; SIMPLE! Just pick 3 items off the list below, complete each item and email your teacher. Elementary students, email your classroom teacher and Junior High and High School students email your class advisors.

THAT’S IT!  Your email can be as simple as one or two sentences explaining what you did. You could also spice it up a little bit and send your teacher a picture or video of you completing one or more of the activities. A few lucky winners each week will be shared on our school Facebook page too. Finally, we will randomly select a few Alma Pride winners each week and a prize may arrive at your doorstep. The more creative you are, the better chance you have in your name being entered into our random generator drawing. Best of luck everyone!!!

Alma Pride List (Pick 3)

 Do something kind or helpful for a family member

 Pick up your room or house

 Make dinner or a treat for others

 Do some work around the house or on the farm

 Write a thank you letter to someone you care about

 Send a letter or card to an area nursing home

 Draw or color a picture for someone

 Send a kind email

 Make someone smile by telling them a joke or sending them a joke – take a picture

or video of the joke and catch the smile

 Make someone’s day with a phone call to say hi

 Call a friend and let them know why you miss hanging out with them

 Check in on your Eaglet or Eagle, or send them a friendly note

 Send a teacher or staff member a positive message

 Spend 20 minutes with your pet

 Go for a 20 minute walk or some other activity outside

 Clean your car, or better yet, clean a family member's car

 Yard Work around your house or for a neighbor

 Clean up your neighborhood

 Plant a new seed (tree, flower, plant, etc.)


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