WIsaac Mezeraelcome to my webpage, I am Isaac Mezera, the high school English teacher for the Alma School District.  

I have a great deal of passion for teaching English, and I try to share that passion with my students each and every day.  On any given day, you can find the students and me reading, writing, thinking, speaking, discussing literature, studying grammar, learning new vocabulary and literary terms, and building a culture of learning.  I take my responsibilities as an educator seriously, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work for the Alma community.

I try to incorporate a student-centered environment in my classroom.  This means I aim to make learning meaningful, focusing my practice on building critical thinking skills, analysis and synthesis of information, and collaborative exercises.  My hope is that students come out of English with the ability to articulate their thoughts more clearly, to critically analyze the written word more effectively, and to think more deeply about the world around them.

To accomplish these goals, I do my best to foster a culture of collaboration in my classroom.  Students work in teams called Tribes, they engage in discussions in the “comfy corner,” and I welcome conversations about why we are studying a particular topic or text.  I want the students to feel like the English classroom is our classroom, not Mr. Mezera’s classroom.

I use an assessment method known as Standards Based Grading or Grading for Learning.  This means students receive a score based on their mastery of a particular skill rather than a set number of points.  If you’d like more information, please take a look at my Standards Based Grading tab.

I like to take a team approach to education, so if you want to be more involved in your child’s learning, please reach out.  I welcome emails, calls, and handwritten letters. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any thoughts, questions, concerns.

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