Amanda Burrow¡Hola! Hello,my name is Amanda Burrow, Spanish Language teacher for the Alma Area School District. My background includes a Undergraduate degree in History and Minor in Spanish. I am currently finishing my Masters in Teaching.  Much of my Undergraduate degree in History is; Spanish, Mexican and Latin American History, Southwestern United States History and Culture.  My family and I have lived in the Southwestern Wisconsin area for 3 years.  After living in other states in the United States, the Philippines and Panamá, we have experienced many types of communities including Air Force and Army bases, and we have come to realize how much we  appreciate living in this small town community.  

 The Alma Area School District sits on the bluffs above beautiful  Mississippi River in Southwest Wisconsin. Our district is set between rural farm communities and various urban centers with many cultures. There are many outdoor and cultural activities available for all.  
Here in our district, we are deeply involved in our community.  Therefore, it is important to learn about the makeup of our area.  Part of our public diverse educational system is learning languages.  Students in our district are exposed to the Spanish Language beginning in the fourth grade.  Various levels of Spanish are available up to the twelfth grade.  The students learn about the language of Spanish and its usage in our local community, within the United States and across the world.  I personally love to invest into all of our students futures, starting with the value of learning everyday.  I love communicating with students, parents, coworkers and members of the community.

Students learning a new language learn how to utilize this important skill of communication in all areas and subjects.  These areas in our school include; Science, Math, English, Fine Arts, History, Agriculture, Technical Education and Physical Education.   We encourage our students to excel in all areas. Our students and staff are dedicated to working within our community and beyond to provide our students with various experiences.  Alma Area School prides themselves in guiding students to a successful future, which includes the skill of communication. We look forward to leading and guiding our students. Our amazing staff looks forward to working with students, parents and the community.  

For any further questions, I can be reached by phone and email.
Amanda L. Burrow
Spanish Instructor



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