Snow Day #1

Student Name_________________________
Parent Signature______________________


Your child should complete the middle square of the tic tac toe board and then may choose two additional squares to complete to make 3 in a row. Then your child should color in the boxes they complete. (They may complete as many other activities as they would like.)

Please have your child return this sheet to school day following the snow day with your signature. This is so the school can mark your student as having attended that day. 




Do a chore that will help someone.
Challenge: Make it two or more chores.

Build something out of legos or blocks.

Challenge: Make a drawing of what you built

Count and write numbers from 0 to as high as you can go to another person.
Challenge: Learn your phone number!



Make shapes using toothpicks, popsicle sticks, playdough, etc.

Challenge: Create 3D shapes!



Let me know 3 things you did today.

Challenge: Draw AND Write about your day.


Practice writing your first and last name.
Challenge: Learn your address!


Put on a puppet show. Act out one of your favorite books.

Challenge: Perform to someone.


Make a snowball. Time how long it takes to melt in the house. 

Challenge: Draw the clocks from when it started and when it finished.


Practice reading and writing your sight words.

Challenge: See how many you can do in one minute.


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