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General Music

Course Description:

          This course will cover a variety of areas over the school year.  Most concepts are introduced in the lower elementary grades and reviewed/mastered in the middle to upper elementary grade levels.  We study basic music concepts, which include but not limited to: melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, articulation, vocal production, theory and practice, music history/genres and composition.



          There are no prerequisites to this general music class other than the completion of all general music classes prior to this year.


Discipline Plan:

          All students in general music are subject to the Code of Conduct policies contained in the Student Handbook.  Students who act inappropriately are given a warning to correct the behavior.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, students are then subject to any and all consequences outlined in the handbook.  The inappropriate behaviors may include but are not limited to:  not following directions, talking excessively, teasing, hitting, wasting time, being verbally or physically abusive towards the teacher or other students, certain language used in class (this is the teacher’s discretion), etc… 


Course Content/Units:

          (These are listed in no particular order.  All are ongoing and sequential year to year.)

                Music Theory (includes Kodaly concepts)
                Music History (includes relationships to world events/surrounding 
                Vocabulary words appropriate to Music
                Folk Dances


Standards Met:

          The standards for Music can be viewed at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website:



            Students are graded in the following areas:  assignments, projects/activities, class discussions/participation, quizzes, and tests.  Assignments come in the form of worksheets, vocabulary defined, or selected readings/research.  Projects/activities are similar year to year but vary depending on the group of students.  Participation is essential and mandatory.  Students who do not participate forfeit all or a portion of their daily points.  Quizzes are given at the end of textbook units and may be announced or unannounced.  Tests are usually reserved for upper elementary students.

           I do not grade on a curve and all grades received in Grade 4-5-6 will based on the following grading scale:


Grading Scale:

     100% - 94%    A
     93                    A-
     92                    B+
     91 – 86            B
     85                    B-
     84                    C+
     83 – 78            C
     77                    C-
     76                    D+
     75 – 71            D
     70                    D-
     69 and below  F


            Criteria for Grades K-1-2-3 include the following:
                     Enjoys and Responds
                     Shows Interest
                     Shows Cooperation
                     Shows Musical Growth


Special Notice:

            Each student will perform in the annual program for their respective grade level.
                      *special note – Kindergarten students are exempt from the program performance.

            All Fourth Grade students participate in a recorder unit.  It is possible there could be a nominal fee for this unit.

           Junior/Senior High Choir students are expected to treat choir robes with care and respect.  Students who deliberately mistreat or soil their assigned choir robe may be subject to cleaning costs.

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