Alma Pride is a positive behavior support program that we utilize throughout the Alma School District. The goal of this program is to recognize all of the positive behaviors that happen all the time in school, but often go unrecognized. In fact, many schools would say that almost 95% or more of the behaviors that are typically recognized are the negative ones. Not so at Alma! Through Alma Pride, all of our staff members have the opportunity to recognize students doing positive behaviors. Staff are able to easily select students doing positive things and then those students receive an automatic email or certificate letting them know that they were recognized doing some form of positive behavior (Ex: helping another student, picking up trash in the hallway, being polite, etc.). In addition, these students will also earn a point or ticket that will be placed in a weekly drawing. We will then have prizes that will be given away weekly throughout the school year.

The Alma School District has tremendous students. We hold our students to the highest of expectations and we individualize a learning plan that challenges each student. Our students are held accountable and when issues arise, we take ownership and learn from it. Finally, we instill in our students that doing the little things right, make a big difference. That is 'Alma Pride!’