Meet Mrs. Katie Dierauer, a dedicated and passionate educator with diverse roles showcasing her commitment to academic and extracurricular enrichment. As an Art Teacher, Mrs. Dierauer brings creativity and innovation to the classroom, inspiring students to explore the boundless world of artistic expression. With a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from UW-Stout and a Master's degree in Art Education from The Art of Education University, she possesses a solid foundation in both theory and practice. In addition to shaping young minds through art, Mrs. Dierauer also serves as a Family Consumer Science Teacher, imparting practical life skills to students. This role reflects her belief in the holistic development of individuals, recognizing the importance of merging creativity with essential life knowledge. Beyond the traditional classroom setting, Mrs. Dierauer takes on the responsibility of Rivermen Clubhouse Director, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Her leadership extends beyond academics, creating an inclusive environment where our young students spend after-school time participating in fun, engaging activities. Family is at the heart of Mrs. Dierauer's life, and she cherishes the moments spent with her husband, James, and their two boys, Richie and Henry. Whether engaging in quality family time, playing board games, or indulging in the art of embroidery, Dierauer values the balance between personal and professional life. Mrs. Dierauer has an unwavering dedication to Alma; as a student of Alma herself, she understands first-hand the added value of a small school and cherishes the unique connections she builds with her students. Her love for teaching goes beyond the subject matter; it's about creating a positive and nurturing environment that fosters growth, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.