LeAnne Heller

My name is LeAnne Heller, and I am an elementary paraprofessional at Alma Elementary School. I love to see the kids' smiling faces going down the hall, and I enjoy working to help them learn. Seeing them learn and grow is a joy for me.

I graduated from Alma High School, and three of my kids have been enrolled as well. After I graduated, I moved away for a few years, met my husband, and moved back to the Alma area. We got married in 2005 and have 4 kids, Kainen, Katrina, Kavien and Alivia.

We have a home business on the side, so a lot of my extra time gets spent there. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and relaxing with my family. Both of my jobs keep me busy, but I love to spend time with our students and my family.