Hello. My name is Amanda Burrow. I teach the Spanish language and work in our school library in Alma. I have three daughters, five cats, one dog, and a large extended family. I have lived in Wisconsin since the summer of 2015. I moved from the state of Arkansas where I attended the University of Arkansas. I received a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Spanish. I have survived the Wisconsin winters while continuing my education at St. Mary’s University located in Minnesota. I received a Masters Degree in Teaching. I love and truly believe in continuous education. Therefore, it is my passion to teach. It's an exciting, challenging, fun, and important job. When not reading, I enjoy cooking, walking, and gardening with my daughters. It’s so beautiful here in western Wisconsin, and there are so many outdoor activities to explore. I love getting to know my students, their friends and family, and especially the things they like to do in the surrounding area. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be an educator in the Alma community. I look forward to meeting others and helping our students thrive with improved literacy and an educational experience that includes the Spanish language.