Young community members enjoy playing games at the community fest

Second Annual Community Fest Boasts Great Turnout 

In a world where community bonds can feel lousy, there’s something truly fulfilling about witnessing a school rally its teachers, students, and staff alongside local heroes like police officers, firefighters, ambulance crews, and civic-minded organizations such as the Lions Club and School Board, to name a few. This energy of the community was on full display on Sunday, September 10th at our recent school hosted festival where the spotlight was not only on education but also on celebrating unity and giving back. The event featured a great deal of games and activities that brought people together as well as a free meal. The event fostered a sense of belonging within the community that left everyone with lasting memories. 

The community fest was placed at the Alma Rod and Gun Club and hosted by  Alma School. One of the most remarkable aspects of the festival was the active participation of local heroes police, firefighters, and ambulance staff. These individuals play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well being our small community. Alongside the volunteer community was local business leaders who offered activities such as succulent planting. 

    At the forefront of organizing the festival were Alma’s teachers, who don’t just lead in the classroom. You could have found many of them supervising an array of games and activities such as bean bags, volleyball, and bracelet making. One of the school district's staff, Josh Reed said, “The school district's goal is just to give back to the community that gives so much to the school. We just want everyone to come out, have a good time, and get to see all the different stakeholders in our community”. 

Our community festival was an incomparable display of unity and the spirit of giving back. Beyond games and activities, it was a reminder of the strength of our community as we come together for a shared purpose. The festival served as a symbol of gratitude for the contributions of those who play pivotal roles in keeping our community thriving, but also to inspire pride in the younger generation.  As we look to the future, events like these serve as shining examples of what can be achieved when we put our hearts and minds into building a stronger, more connected community. 

Article written by Maven Coey

Picture courtesy of Kaydence Ruff