Elementary students at Alma Area Schools were treated to an inspiring and memorizing presentation by Jesse Horn, a sports cup stacker, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. His incredible passion for cup stacking has become a source of inspiration for many, whether they have read his book, Stacked Against the Odds, or through his presentation.

On Friday, September 8th, 2023, Jesse Horn, from Buffalo City, Wisconsin, was asked to present at school to help spread awareness of autism, different learning styles, and the fact that regardless of differences and learning difficulties, children can achieve and do great things. He inspired the audience with his coordination and precision in cup stacking. The students and staff at Alma Area Schools were wowed as they watched him perform seemingly impossible tricks.

Jesse's journey from being diagnosed with autism at a young age to becoming a world champion is a statement that passion can be powerful. He presents to schools, conferences, and disability organizations. His presentation includes a combination of videos, a PowerPoint presentation, and a live demonstration of the sport.

His story of growing up with autism and how his passion for cup stacking changed his life has connected with audiences not only in Alma but also in Arcadia, CFC, Goodview, and other schools nationwide. Jesse's dedication to spreading awareness and motivation to overcome challenges is truly inspiring.

As Jesse continues to inspire students and communities nationwide, his impact is felt not just through his impressive cup stacking skills, but also through the message that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can achieve greatness through their passion and determination. 

We at Alma Area Schools were extremely grateful for his presentation and hope that his journey continues to inspire many more individuals on their own paths to greatness.