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As we prepare to venture into our spring competitions for Baseball, Softball, Track, and Golf, the following guidelines for fans will be in place. 

These guidelines are recommended by the WIAA and passed by the Dairyland Conference.

  • At this time, there will be no tickets needed to attend outdoor events.

  • There will be no concessions.

  • Fans who sit in the bleacher area or other designated areas marked by the host school must wear masks properly.

  • Areas away from the bleachers, such as down a foul line or behind the outfield fence, may be a place where masks are not needed if social distancing can be maintained.

  • Fans should not mix with the athletes during, or on the playing area after the contest. (For example track fans will not be allowed on the track following a meet)

Thank you for doing your part in making it possible to have a spring season for our student-athletes.