Students of the Month

The Alma Schools Students of the Month program to highlight several of our great students is ready to announce the January students.  Mrs. Rieck, Elementary School Counselor, has divided our student body into four groups by age. (B4-Grade 2, Grades 3- 6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12) Each month, four students will be chosen by a random generator to be highlighted as one of our Students of the Month. Students will be highlighted on our Alma Area  Facebook page, and the Alma Schools website page.  We are excited to introduce the January Students of the Month!

B4- 2

Adecyn Henthorn (Gr.1)

Adecyn is a first grade student in Mrs. Steinke’s room.  She loves school and her class.  Mrs. Steinke gives them exit tickets at the end of the math class to make sure that they are learning, and Adecyn likes those.  She also likes to play video games at home.  Her favorite games are Minecraft and Fortnight. If she isn’t playing video games, she is playing baby dolls or cowboy Barbies with her sister, or football with her brother.  Her favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.  She wishes she had a TV in her bedroom so she could watch “Spongebob” and “Bugs Bunny”.  When mom and dad, Michelle and Jarin, are busy working she sometimes goes to her grandma and grandpa’s houses.  She likes it when her Grandma Sue makes homemade macaroni and cheese.  Her favorite Christmas present from Santa was pink slime.  Adecyn wants to learn a lot in school, so she can be a nurse when she grows up.

Grades 3-6

Jemma Fernholz (Gr. 4)

Jemma is a very sweet and quiet girl.  She likes to play basketball outside when it is warm, but she isn’t sure that she would like to play basketball in high school because she doesn’t like crowds.  Her mom and dad, Danielle and Jeremy, like to go camping and fishing at Rieck's Lake Park.  They also have a four pound dog named Karma, who is a one and a half year old Shorkie (Shitzhu and Yorkie mix).  Her family also celebrates birthdays at waterparks, so she is excited to be going to the Dells for her birthday next month.  She loves spaghetti, and her two favorite TV shows are “Fuller House” and “Miraculous Lady Bug”.  At school, some of her favorite subjects are Reading and Art.  She also likes to shoot archery in Phy Ed and likes to hunt squirrels, rabbits and deer with her dad and brother, Holten.  Right now her goals in school are to improve her handwriting and to be more productive.  She is a very hard worker and is thinking about becoming a veterinarian when she gets older.

Grades 7-9

Max Carothers (Gr. 7)

 Max likes Alma Schools because it is small, and there is a lot of hands-on learning.  Recently in Science, the 7th graders dissected worms and frogs, and he thought that was pretty cool.  The other thing he likes about school is of course the recess break during lunch.  When he gets older, he hopes to play baseball and football in school.  He also likes to fish and hunt outside of school.  His family includes his mom and dad, Matt and Nikki, and his sister Khloe.  As a family, they do a lot of camping in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.  Max isn’t sure what his future holds, but he hopes he can get a gunmetal gray Ford F-150 in the future.

Grades 10-12

Ethan Graner (Gr. 12)

The first graders assisted in interviewing Ethan, and the following are some of the questions they asked him:

*What is your favorite food?  At school, the pizza dippers. At home, my mom’s spaghetti.

*What are your favorite colors? Red and Black

*What is your favorite subject? NOT Math, that gets hard when you get older.  I probably like Chemistry the best, because you get to blow things up.

*What video games do you play?  Minecraft, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty Mobile

*How old are you?  17, but I will be 18 in June.

*What is your favorite dinosaur?  Philosoraptor

*What is your favorite insect? An ant.  It is small but mighty.

*Do you have a job? Yes, I work at McDonald’s (1st graders cheered) in Durand, and I was recently promoted to an Opening Manager. (Good Job, Ethan!)  I also work almost every day after school and on weekends.

*What do you spend your money on?  I just bought a $900 Lego Set that had 6,000 pieces, and it took me 12 hours to put it together.  I am not sure that was a good purchase, but I am saving the rest for college.

*What do you want to be when you grow up?  I am going to go to CVTC for Criminal Justice.

*Where is your favorite place to go?  I have gone on many trips, but this summer, my mom and dad, Brad and Darcy, and my siblings Jonah, Elijah (my twin) and Elizabeth are going to go to Maine.

*Is there anything that you would like us to know about that we did not ask?  I like that I have lots of friends in Alma and Durand, and I love to play golf.