Students of the Month

The Alma Schools Students of the Month program to highlight several of our great students is ready to announce the December's students.  Mrs. Rieck, Elementary School Counselor, has divided our student body into four groups by age. (B4-Grade 2, Grades 3- 6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12) Each month, four students will be chosen by a random generator to be highlighted as one of our Students of the Month. Students will be highlighted on our Alma Area  Facebook page, and the Alma Schools website page.  We are excited to introduce the December Students of the Month!

Grades B4-2

Rowan Herold (Gr 1)

Rowan’s favorite thing to do is to play her guitar and make up songs.  She loves to sing, and she loves it when mom, Nikki, does her nails.  Rowan likes her nails best when they are painted her favorite colors: gold and pink.  Sometimes she likes to trick people by tapping them on the back and ducking so that they can not see her.  Rowan and her dad, Tony, also wrestle. Rowan likes to play Roblox with her older brother on their Ipad.  Even though they play together, her and her brother are different from each other because she likes sour candy, and he does not. There are definitely some things that Rowan does NOT like too.  She does NOT like her hair brushed because she likes to “be wild and free”, and she also does NOT like frogs because “they are slimy and pee on you.”  Her favorite holiday is Christmas because opening presents is so exciting.  She hopes to get a Squishmallow this year, and she is pretty sure this will happen because she is never bad for Christmas.  The best thing about Rowan is that she loves to laugh, play, and give big squeezes.

Grades 3-6

Celia DeGroot (Gr. 5)

Celia and her younger sister, Marcella, joined our Alma Elementary family two years ago.  She loves the bluffs and the beautiful view of the river from her home.  Her family also includes her mom and dad, Nicole and Skylar.   They moved here from Minnesota, so Celia is a big Vikings fan.  She likes to watch football with her dad, but her favorite sport is soccer.  She has played soccer for four years, and her favorite team is Argentia.  Her favorite player is Leo Messi, and she hopes to get his soccer jersey for Christmas.  Right now, she plans to play both basketball and softball in high school.  Celia is a very  bright personable young lady with many other interests and goals as well.  She loves Social Studies and loves to do projects.  Her and her sister love to create things with Legos.  Some of Marcella’s other favorites include: ravioli, cheesecake and visiting her grandparents.  Two fun facts about Celia is that she is related to the Norwegian Scientist Thor Heyerdahl, and she has been on the radio twice.  Celia hopes to become a mechanical engineer when she gets older.

Grades 7-9

Amber Meier (Gr. 9)

Amber has a variety of interests.  One of her favorite pastimes is to ride horses with her mom, Shannon.  She has three horses, and she currently participates in barrel racing with the Pepin Trailblazers.  She hopes to also ride with the Midnight Riders next year.  Besides riding horses, Amber likes to play sports.  She plays softball and volleyball on the high school teams.  She also plays basketball just for fun.  Her dad, Dan, takes her hunting for deer, turkeys and squirrels.  They also cut up and process the meat together.  She has an older sister, Jessie, who Amber considers her best friend. They text each other almost every day.  She describes her entire family as close as they eat meals together and do a lot of activities together.  Her favorite snacks are beef jerky and pickles.  Some of her other favorites are Thanksgiving, Adam Sandler, and White House Down.   One unique fact about Amber is that she is scared of cats!  She likes going to Alma High School because all of her family and her friends' families know each other and support each other.  Right now, she would like to continue school in the Dental Hygienist program at Chippewa Valley Technical College. 

Grades 10-12

Ryann Rieck (Gr 12)

Ryann is the youngest child in two very large families.  Her mom, Sheila, lives in Durand, with her step-dad, Cory; and her dad, Marvin, lives in Alma with her step-mom, Lana.  Between the two families, Ryann has two older biological siblings and six older step-siblings.  She also has three dogs and one cat between her two homes.  At school, Ryann has been involved in Volleyball, Student Council, Buffalo County Partnership Council and Teen Court.  Her activities outside of school revolve around friends, food and shopping.  She loves to cook, watch Netflix, sit in the hot tub, and shop with her friends.  Ryann especially loves to bake Christmas cookies and make her special pasta sauce.  Her favorite restaurants include Texas Roadhouse and the Acoustic Cafe.  She also loves to travel.  She travels to California every summer to visit her aunt, uncle and cousins, and her dream vacation would be to travel all over Europe.  Ryann has been accepted to UW-LaCrosse as an Undecided student, but she is interested in Business and Medical programs.